5S Gate and Fence Builders is the best choice if your garage door or gate has stuck open or close, if your garage door or gate is bent, damaged, rusted. We provide all kinds of repair, maintenance, service and installation for garage door or gate.

Garage door repair

Gate repair

Swing gate repair

Sliding gate repair

Electric gate repair

Automatic gate repair

Electric opener repair

Garage door engine repair

Garage door spring repair (spring replacement, torsion spring, spring expert)

Electric gate motor repair

Aluminum garage door repair

Wooden garage door repair

Emergency call garage door repair

Night call garage door repair

Welding, metal work, iron work

Gate stuck open, garage door stuck open

Gate stuck close, garage door stuck close

Commercial roll up door repair

New commercial roll up door installation

New gate installation

New garage door installation

Spring repair

Torsion spring expert

Flash panel garage door repair

Garage door panel replacement

Garage door sections replacement

Garage door slats replacement

Fix my garage door

Buy new garage door

Buy new gate

Gate is broken

Gate stuck

Garage door hinges repair

Garage door bent

Garage door damaged

Garage door cables loose

Fix garage door

Fix gate

Loading dock repair

Metal fence repair, Metal fence installation

Wooden fence repair, Wooden fence installation

Estimate garage door

Garage door off track

Sliding gate off track

Bent rails

Garage door maintenance

Service for garage door

Service for gate

Gate maintenance

Broken garage door spring

Snapped cables

Gate sensor repair