Resdential white color garage door

Seasonal gift idea

It the most magical time of the year! Are you running out of gift ideas for a special person? Be creative this season with help of 5 Stars garage door and gate repair! We can give you some cool ideas for your garage and house.

Keep reading our holiday gift ideas that will bring happiness and joyful times to your loved ones. They will never forget this special presents that are unique, thoughtful and will last years. You can get your garage doors presents from us! From tiny remote control, to a brand new garage door.

So, first idea for a gift is remote control. With a click of a button you can open garage door and manage your home lightning. We carry great, long lasting and durable remote controls from Liftmaster, Genie, ect…

Next thing is replacement parts. We know is that time of the year when not only people get tired but their garage doors too. Garage doors wears out with each year. So keep an eye on the little parts that help operate you garage door. In addition to remote control you can purchase: cables, pulleys, drums, rollers, wheels, hinges, tracks, safety sensor, reflector, springs. Generally speaking all you have to know is the right model of the replacement part. You can send us a picture of the part you want or a garage door you have and we will help to choose the right part number and model.

Also good gift idea will be maintenance for garage door system. Don’t forget to balance, adjust, align you door, so it will function properly the next following year.

Our technicians are ready to help you with getting this gift ideas for your family. We are open on Holidays too! Write us and email or call: (213) 955-7970.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

aluminum glass garage door in the green bushes

Residential garage door trends for 2019

First of all we wish you a Happy New Year! We hope you had a great Holiday Season!Now let’s talk about residential garage door fashion and trends for 2019. While well-known standard steel garage doors still dominate the market, some customers prefer to stand out with their choice of garage door. By our experience customers go with standard steel doors most of the time but many began to choose garage doors made of aluminum, fiber glass, wood, copper, glass. Our favorite model is glass aluminum garage door! Maybe because our customers order this type of door more often and we get to see these doors a lot!:)

5 Stars garage door and gate repair expert team think that in 2019 will be popular the following colors. Natural wood, light pink, sand color, green and blue colors and everything that will resemble balance, tranquility, earth and nature. But what about trends with glitter?:) Is their anyone having sparkling garage? Sure, there is but maybe it will be a mass trend in 3019:)